Saturday, 23 June 2012


The Boys made arguably one of the best LPs of the 70s with their self-titled first album and provided the template for superior Pop Punk before even the Buzzcocks had got out of first gear.
Yet for some reason The Boys occupy a neglected position in relation to London's early Punk scene, probably because they weren't clothed by Sex or managed by Malcolm McLaren. Being tagged the "Punk Beatles" couldn't have helped either.

Plagued by mishaps, bad timing and plain bad luck they managed to keep smiling and come up with corking, hyper-speed pop classics like "Brickfield Nights" and "Rue Morgue". In short The Boys were a gem of a band and a total inspiration to any Punk band who value tunes over noise


The Ignerents were formed in 1977 in Whitstable, Kent, by two brothers, Steve Harris (Guitar) and Chris Harris (bass), drummer Stan Gretch and vocalist Ben Challis. They released one single (Radio Interference b/w Wrong Place Wrong Time) and featured on a number of punk compilation albums. Mainstays of the vibrant Kent punk scene they played live from 1977 to 1980 including support slots with 999, The Only Ones, Chelsea and Wayne County & The Electric Chairs amongst others and a number of headline shows. Stan died in 1981 and the band never played live again until a tribute gig for Chris in 1994 after his untimely death. 

In 2012 Ben reformed the band as the Pig Ignerents with Jord Kewan on bass and Jonah Baldwin on guitar, and currently guest drummer Heather Britton, playing classic Ignerents’ tracks. The band’s first date was meant to be the ill fated Last Jubilee festival in Bath and the band are now booked onto Guilfest for their first ever show in the new Millennium, with more dates planned In the UK and Europe.

The LOST Jubilee